About Mt. Tom's

Mt. Tomís Homemade Ice Cream is a cool, old-fashioned ice cream parlor and candy store. We make all our own ice cream right on the premises. You can find Jim, the owner and chief ice cream chef, in his back room kitchen nearly every day, whipping up his latest creation of rich and extremely creamy delicious ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbet, sherbet, and gelato. Along with the old standbys like vanilla, chocolate chip cookie dough, and butter pecan, Jim is constantly trying new things. How about caramel ice cream or lavender or his own version of rocky road with mini dark M&Mís? The list of special flavors is constantly changing, so you just never know whatís in store for you on your next trip to Mt. Tomís.

Mt. Tomís is also an old-fashioned candy store and chocolate shop! Weíve got over 235 candy jars packed with all your favorites like wax lips, Swedish fish, and gummy bears (the good kind from Europe!). And the chocolate cabinet is always full of mouthwatering selections like giant peanut butter cups, cherry cordials, and raspberry jellies.

And if that werenít enough, Mt. Tomís has a full-service espresso bar.

What else do you need in life?